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Arranged marriages weren't really a thing in this day and age, were they?

That’s what Beth Thompson thought until her father informed her she was destined for one. And to the last person on the planet Beth would want to marry—her father's right-hand man. Suave and debonair, Marcus may have her father fooled, but Beth saw the monster beneath the surface and wanted no part of that or him.


Too bad her father was the kind of man who got what he wanted at any cost. Giving his only daughter to someone of his choosing would keep a man at the helm and his precious company in the family.

However, Beth would be the master of her own destiny. And after stumbling across a want ad on an Alaskan website, she knew just what that destiny would be.

She couldn't be forced to marry if she were already someone else's wife.


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    Sarah Curtis Author writes steamy romance novels about sexy alpha males and the heroines who steal their hearts.